Rental is the solution for your temporary equipment needs.  Calibration Rental offers a wide range of products suitable for rental to assist customers in meeting peak demands, unforeseen circumstances and reduce downtime of important operations.

For customers in today’s advanced technological field, it is vital to have access to the very latest state-of-the-art equipment in the fields of measurement, process simulation and monitoring. Hiring effectively can cut both maintenance and repair bills, especially for customers holding equipment that may only be used for brief and infrequent periods.

Holding equipment like this is expensive in terms of purchase, servicing, annual certification and storage. The obvious answer, especially when equipment is needed urgently, is to rent. Calibration Rental, highly trained sales engineers will assist in ensuring you are recommended the right product to hire for the job. Our comprehensive range of measurement, process simulation and monitoring equipment is supplied, serviced and with its calibration traceable to National Laboratory standards.